TriAugusta Triathlon Club is for everyone interested in triathlon and multisport events. We are a club with members of all types and abilities ranging from the newbie to Kona veterans. Our club is here to organize group workouts, mentor you for your first triathlon, help you excel in your next race and to provide social events for those who all have the same interests in endurance events.

Club Events

TriAugusta hosts several events throughout the year to include open water swim clinics, bike maintenance, running clinics, coaching clinics, year end celebrations, etc.

TriAugusta Bike Night

Andy Jordan's graciously hosted TriAugusta for a bike maintenance night. We continue to have these throughout the year.

Pick-up Training

Pick-up training events are non-club supported events. They are just a group of members and non-members getting together to swim, bike, run or whatever. These events are open to everyone and are at your own risk.